32 Week BUMPdate – Is She Still Breech or Not?!

Baby is the size of a jicama! Bigger than a coconut and growing more every day!

All that baby’s been up to this week:
– Baby keeps sucking her thumb, which prepares her for breastfeeding.
– Baby keeps lowering herself into the birthing position, ideally with her head facing down.
– Baby weighs about 4lbs this week (ours weighs more :p).
– Baby keeps developing her brain cells and connections.
– Baby’s bones are fully developed, and now it’s just time for them to continue getting harder and more stable.
– Baby tends to keep her eyes open when awake.



All that’s been going on with me:

Weight gained: No weight gain. I’m still -8lbs this pregnancy.

Workouts: I walked all over Midtown Manhattan twice this week.

Symptoms: I’ve been feeling more pelvic pressure thanks to baby making her away further down, which has increased my frequent urination even more! My breasts have also been leaking (they’ve been leaking for approximately 2 months now, but I keep forgetting to include it in my bumpdate).

Movement: She’s been moving a lot more lately! I’ve also felt her flip, which was a bit painful!

Food Aversions: No aversions.

Food Cravings: Chick-fil-A!

Sleep: I haven’t slept much this week because of three “early” appointments.

Fun and/or Interesting Things from the Week:  I had my 4D ultrasound on Monday, and my still breech baby was NOT cooperating well at all. We tried for a good 30-45 minutes to get baby to face the right way – I jumped and jiggled my whole body, but she wasn’t budging. All we kept getting were side profiles.  The picture below was the ONLY decent photo we managed to get. I had to go back on Friday for a re-do ultrasound.


I had my midwife appointment the following day and found out that baby flipped (I felt it happen, and it was pretty intense)! She’s now head down! I’m hoping and praying she sticks to this position until it’s go time!

When I returned to the ultrasound place on Friday, baby was still not cooperating very well. I made sure to drink orange juice beforehand to hopefully hype her up. It didn’t work! The sonographer had me jump and move my hips and bump around to encourage baby to show us her full face. I even got on all fours on the table and tilted my pelvis back and forth! She graced us with her full face for a whopping 1-2 minutes before reverting back to her favorite position – snuggling against the placenta with her arm over her face and licking the umbilical cord!

Belly Button In or Out: My belly button is now an outie! I didn’t experience this with my first pregnancy, as it just remained flat.

Happy or Moody: I go back and forth.

New Baby Items: No new baby items this week.

Looking Forward To: Bella returning home at the end of the month!

See you at 33 weeks!

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