30 Organization Tips, Tricks and Ideas That Will Make You Go Ah-ha!

Credit: Pharaoh Storehouse
Use this trick to store cans and save pantry space! If you live in a small apartment, this could be vital!

Credit: Houzz
This is one of those “why didn’t I think of that?” ideas. No longer will you have to take out every single pan!

Credit: The Kitchn
Use a magnetic strip to organize your knives. Saves drawer and/or counter space!

Credit: The Crafty Cafe
Into crafting? Try using this trick to organize your colorful ribbons!

Credit: Kendra McCracken
Another great tip for the crafty folks! Use a 3-tiered rack to hold mason jars filled with small items, like buttons and pins.
Credit: Little Lucy Lu

Who would have thought to use a ladder as a drying rack? I surely wouldn’t have, but I’m glad I discovered this nifty trick that I am passing on to you!

Credit: None found

Stuck on how to organize towels and washcloths? Use baskets!

Credit: Martha Stewart

I already included one way to organize bakeware, but here is another! Just use a vertical bakeware organizer on it’s end and secure it to your cabinet with cable clips. This can also be used for frying pans.


Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

OMG! This totally come in handy during Christmas time. I wrap A LOT of gifts that time of year, and I will definitely try this cool trick out!

Credit: Credit: Meck Mom

Brilliant! A tissue box and trash can all-in-one!

Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

Are you sick and tired of your bread getting smushed? Use an under-shelf basket!

Credit: Playground Duty

Organize a plastic dresser and use labels for the days of the week. Not only will this keep your kid’s clothes organized, but it can also teach young children about the days of the week.

Credit: Etsy

This is PERFECT for summer time! Organize towels, swim gear and noodles!


Credit: Be Different Act Normal

Stumped as to how to store scarves? Place shower rings onto a hanger! Voila! So easy…a caveman can do it.

Credit: DIY Design Fanatic

Nevermind the amount of shoes this closet has, look at the organization! Use baskets to store clean or dirty clothes, towels, scarves, lingerie, etc!


Credit: I Heart Organizing

This is probably my favorite in this compilation. Who would have thought to put two tall bookshelves on their side? Not only does this provide benches for kids, but it also allows for storage space! Amazing!!


Credit: None found

How many times have you lost those small ponytails? Place your stash onto a key ring before you lose them! Unless, of course, you lose the key ring too…

Credit: None found

Save counter space with this cool idea! Great to store fruit!


Credit: Chez Larsson

Organize your family photos by year via a CD-rom.


Credit: Diamond at Lowes

Use the side of a cabinet to store keys, sunglasses and other smaller items.


Credit: Delightful Order

I will DEFINITELY be doing this when Isabella is school age!

Credit: This Old House

Great way to organize your silverware and utensil drawer!

Credit: Ray and Jen

This tip is great for organizing AND donating to those in need. On the first of the month, turn all of your hangers backwards (facing the wall). In six months, whatever is still turned backwards, donate! Definitely will try this!


Credit: Kim McCrary

Traveling with young children? Put an outfit for each day into separate zip-loc bags. Put them into the drawer at your hotel/resort, and let your kids pick out which one they’d prefer to wear! Not only is this a life saver, but it teaches kids independence and individuality.


Credit: None found

Use a picnic silverware basket to hold your hair styling products! Ahh, so neat!


Credit: Domestic Imperfection

Use a pencil drawer to organize your spice rack in your pantry! Major space saver!

Credit: Landeeseelandeedo

Ever forgot if you took one dose or two? Try this out! Why didn’t I think of this?!


Credit: Catch My Party

This is great for parties and any large gathering! Use a muffin pan for condiments! So awesome.

Credit: Attempting Aloha

Use one of those closet shoe organizers to store kid’s school and craft supplies!

How precious! Sort crayons by color by painting the INSIDE of a baby food jar.


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    • Madeline says

      I’m hardly an expert, but I took a course called Tech Trends in the Music Industry one semester and we learned that it’s extremely common for CDs to degrade. It would be devastating to lose a year’s worth of photographs! I think your flash drive idea is actually a safer bet

      • Carissa says

        Flash drives also have a life expectancy, being solid state media…. the best thing to do is to backup to multiple devices and store properly.

        • Kerri says

          I love Carbonite. It backs up everything on my computer automatically. I don’t have to do anything. Don’t even have to remember to tell it to back up, it just does it. Beyond easy. The piece of mind is the best part! I lost all my pictures once. It’s not happening again!

  1. JM says

    Loved the carabiner with the hair elastics. We do this. Actually, just look on the swim bag of any female competitive swimmer and you will see a carabiner with a bunch of hair elastics on the outside of the bag! LOL

    I also really like the ribbon idea!

  2. says

    Amazing collection of organizing tips & photos are so very helpful. Love the summer towel rack and definitely have to think about switching my scarves to baskets now, because I’m out of hanging space due to change in wardrobe.

  3. Michelle says

    I am in love with all of this stuff. What is best is that it is cheap and easy, not some big costly closet remake!

  4. Kim says

    Love some of these tips. Thank you for putting all together in one place,I’m new to pint rest and so far loving it!

  5. Lee says

    Love all these wonderful ideas.
    However, many of them can only be done if you own your home.
    How about some ideas for renters????

  6. says

    What a gorgeous post! This is exciting because I can see myself implementing some of these right away! The space-savers are just great!

    Bella, your blog is very pretty 🙂

    Yes please, I’d love a part 2!

    You have a great day!

  7. Denise says

    Here is another suggestion: Take a hanging shoe rack and use it to hang scarves – simple, easy, holds lots of scarves, and easy to take on and off.

  8. Holly says

    Where did the three tier basket come from for the fruit? Any ideas where I can find? Or, is it just a planter, minus the moss?


  9. Wendy Jo says

    I got one of those double trash pull out things that are easy to install in standard lower kitchen cabinets and they fit 40lb bags of sugar & flour!!!

  10. Missy says

    GREAT ideas!!! Can’t wait to try! Where did you get the shower curtain in the picture idea of hanging the baskets and putting washcloths in them??? I love that curtain!!

  11. Jessica says

    This blog has the best ideas I have ever seen! I am moving in with my fiancé this weekend and am thrilled that I found this as I am going to use many of your ideas. Just one question: I have searched everywhere for the exact same baskets that you used to place your washcloths, hand towels, and towels in the 3 tier baskets hanging from the wall next to the shower. Is there any way you can tell me how to find those? I could find similar baskets but I LOVE those exact ones and i am not fiing to give up looking for them! My email is largejm@auburn.edu. Thank you!!!

  12. Estell says

    Hi Amber…any ideas on how to find that beautiful shower curtain and the round baskets? That is a beautiful curtain!

  13. Jaci says

    What great ideas! I am sure this is a silly question. But regarding the fruit stand, do you use just a regular one or is there a flat sided one that you buy and put on the wall?

  14. Jamie says

    I’m wondering if anybody can tell me where to find something like that 3-tier, wrought iron fruit holder pictured above?! I’ve been searching and can’t find anything. Thank you!

  15. says

    How about some ideas on organization of a lazy susan. Mine has a pole going thru the middle and everything is always turned the wrong way and to big. Need help!

  16. Jill Taylor says

    Oh my gosh! I took that picnic silverware holder pic about two years and pinned it! That’s in my bathroom! Ha. So weird to see this pop up on Pinterest a year or so later!

  17. Linda says

    I LOVE the basket for the towels in the bathroom idea! Where did you buy the baskets from I can’t find them anywhere.

  18. says

    The tip about the kid’s clothes in ziploc bags also works for the diaper bag for babies and also for a newly potty trained kid. If the outfit they’re wearing gets soiled just you’ve got another outfit ready to go and the bag can then be used for the soiled outfit.

  19. Lesley Redman says

    I’m definitely going to use the coathanger & shower curtain rings idea for my scarves. I’m so glad Simply Clean shared this link 🙂

    • Rose says

      The coathanger and shower curtain rings for scarves was a brilliant idea – I just had a problem with the balance! All the rings slip to one end and the coathanger becomes a see-saw!

  20. LaBreeska says

    Another idea for organizing in the bathroom…I bought a magazine rack/toilet paper holder at Hobby Lobby and had it hung on the wall. I have a place to hang a hand towel and a place to put my hair dryer (which folds up & the cord retracts) and my flat iron!! I love it and was pretty proud of myself for thinking outside of the box!! =)

  21. says

    I’ve been meaning to do the “turn the hangers backward” thing for awhile now. Thanks for the reminder and all the other good ideas. Happy Thanksgiving!

  22. Rose says

    Amber, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your information here because I pin ALOT of organizing ideas, I buy “Storage” magazine and have several books on the subject and you still wowed me with some awesome new ideas!! I was really surprised to read how young you are…I think you may have found your niche in the world…who knows? 20 years from now lookout Martha Stewart! LOL!! Keep on doin’ what you’re doin!

  23. Jeanette says

    Wow! Thanks for all the organization tips! I am a grandmother that has adopted our 14 yr. old grandson and now have two more living at home (Plus their dad and another grown son). Even though we have a home large enough for everyone, we have more stuff that we need to organize. I am going to try out several of your tips!

  24. says

    Wow. Ok. I love this. You are like the “best of” all of the Real Simple magazines that I’ve read, ever. I love the spices inside of your pantry idea! And I’m officially inspired to install that device for my pots and pans. Great website! I found you on StumbleUpon, and this is the first site that I’ll actually bookmark! Keep posting more fun organization tricks that I can actually use! 🙂

  25. Cheryl says

    OMG I love the 3 baskets in the bathroom holding the towels. I just moved and my new house doesn’t have a hall closet to store my thousands of towels.. I would love to get those baskets to put towels in but can’t find them anywhere.. Where oh where did u get them? And where is shower curtain from? I am anxious to know both.. Thanks!

  26. Steven says

    These are great ideas. I especially love the bookcases turned onto their sides with a cushion on top. What a great way to utilize space and create a comfy reading corner as well.. Thanks for this post!

  27. Amz says

    this website is cool! i so love the ideas, specially the magnetic strip to organize your knives and the tip to make sure you dont forget your meds.

  28. says

    wow, great inspiration, thanks for sharing the list!! 🙂 actually i have a bookshelf on the side right under my bed. (found a similar idea via pinterest 😉 ) it helps me to organize my stuff – so usefull!!

  29. Kathy says

    I found you on Pinterest. I loved the organizer for the canned foods. would you have any idea where I could find them? I tried looking under the “credit” you put under the picture, but had no luck with that. your daughter is gorgeous! keep up the great blog.

  30. Elizabeth Savage says

    Hi, amber! Thanks for the great ideas. Unfortunately, Pharoah’s Warehouse is no longer in business. Do you or anyone know of any other business that sells similar products?

  31. says

    I am so gonna get me a basket for my bread! And some of those organizers for my pans too!

    Maybe a few other things. These are such great ideas!

  32. Erin says

    The scarves on shower curtain thing does not work. All of the rings slide to one side or another, and then the hanger sticks out at a crazy angle. 🙁 Also you need to be careful with the basket for hair stuff, if you put them in hot it can catch the basket on fire. However, the other ideas are fabulous.

    • Erin says

      If you tie an elastic band around the shower curtain rings, this should help them from sliding all over the place on the hanger 🙂

  33. Laura says

    I know this pin is about organizing and it’s great btw but in the picture where u use baskets on the wall to organize towels in the bathroom, u have any idea where to get that shower Curtain I’m in love with it.

  34. says

    I just finished several weeks of organizing my basement (long overdue) and now the kids have a homework/craft/game area and lots of space to play and couches to relax and read devotions on. I want to keep it going. We donated a lot of stuff and passed on all our baby stuff. Have a master closet, linen and office to do plus kids bedrooms. Love these ideas. Bookcases on their side- never thought of that! I must find a basket for my hairdryer (aka picnic organizer basket). Thanks for your wonderful post.

  35. Lorraine says

    What a wonderful, wonderful site!! So many great ideas, especially now that I am a Senior and in a one bedroom, 1 bath condo. I will certainly utilize almost every idea here!!

  36. Amber says

    Hi Amber! Love your organization tips…
    I was reading about all of this, and then noticed that your name was Amber as well…. The funny thing is that my daughters name is Faith, and my niece’s name is Bella… LOL
    Have a great day! Amber

  37. Lori says

    These are terrific!!! I can’t wait to try a BUNCH of them! BTW, the muffin pan works great for dinner poolside, also. I fill 5 openings with chicken tenders/fries and then fill one with ketchup, and another with veggies/fruit and dip and set it by the pool. Bonus! No paper plates flying all over the yard! 🙂

  38. says

    This is a true treasure chest of organizing tips! Thank you so much for sharing it, I’m renovating in two months so this is exactly what I needed!

  39. house framing says

    Wow, awesome blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is magnificent, let alone the content!|

  40. Courtney says

    Love these ideas! Just wondering where you got the 5 drawer plastic organizer for clothes! Please share! Thanks:)


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