25 Gift Ideas for the Teacher in Your Life!

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(Most) teachers are angels on Earth with the patience of a saint. I couldn’t imagine tending to and teaching 20-30 kids five days a week for 7 hours straight. Holy cannoli! I can barely keep up with my ONE child (plus another in the making).

Teachers deserve all of the appreciation and respect in the world, and one way we can show that is having our kids send gifts. Whether it’s for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Teacher’s Appreciation Day or the End of School, these gift ideas for teachers definitely hit the mark!

SHOP: SnappysBoutique

 This personalized 2-sided clipboard would be a great gift for just about anyone, but especially a teacher!



SHOP: Cyberoptix

 Does your child have a rock star science teacher? Then this DNA double helix scarf might be right up their alley!



SHOP: NannieandBCrafts

 Teachers will love this adorable wood box to store their supplies!



SHOP: doodlebead

 Looking for a more budget friendly gift idea that still shows your appreciation? This tiny gold or silver heart necklace is the right answer at only $9.99!



SHOP: LuckyLilyDesigns

 Teachers need to talk in order to teach their lessons. Talking a lot can result in cotton mouth. With these personalized teacher tumblers, your kid’s teacher can pour their favorite beverage to stay hydrated!



SHOP: CraftswithasideofYou

 What better way to thank your child’s teacher than with a personalized #2 pencil? This is PRECIOUS!!



SHOP: InvitingMoments

 This apple tree art print is so unique and would make the perfect addition to any classroom!



SHOP: indigotangerine

 Looking for something that doesn’t scream “I’m a teacher”? This monogrammed tote bag is a great gift that can be used as a purse or a beach bag. The possibilities are endless with tote bags!



SHOP: CreatonCrafts

 I’m in love with this 3D apple made from pages out of a book. You can even have a personalized message be printed on a leaf!



SHOP: TeacherGiftsByLaura

 This personalized crayon letter frame is so creative!



SHOP: Amazon.com

We all know that distinctive teacher voice, and this mug is perfect for that!



SHOP: Amazon.com

 Adult coloring books are all the rage right now, and I think this coloring book for teachers takes the cake!


SHOP: alphabetcanvas

I’m a huge fan of canvas prints, including this personalized canvas for teachers.



SHOP: Amazon.com

Teachers will fall instantly in love with this bracelet!



SHOP: KrisMattShop

Most teachers drink a lot of water, so this personalized water bottle would be greatly appreciated!



SHOP: Heartcraftedco

 This grading stamp would be a wonderful tool for any teacher!



SHOP: TobysTrendyTreasures

 This lighted mason jar makes a beautiful piece of decor that can be placed inside of a classroom or at home.



SHOP: CherryMadeThis

 I’m LOVING these polka-dotted and striped binder clips!



SHOP: NannieandBCrafts

If your child’s teacher is religious, this Teacher’s Prayer Slate would make her grin from ear to ear with joy!



SHOP: PJsVinylCreations

 Is your kid’s teacher a Disney fanatic? This Disney classroom rules wall decal would be PERFECT for them!



SHOP: BlocksOfLove1

This teacher appreciation name block is simply precious!



SHOP: Sara’s Stylish Stitches

 I’m a sucker for anything crocheted, including this crochet cozy!



SHOP: smmade

This hand stamped aluminum cuff is classy and sophiscated!




 Mason jars can be used for so many things by teachers – for flowers, school supplies or as stand alone decor!



SHOP: DesignsbyZuzu

Another fantastic gift idea for teachers is this aluminum hand-stamped bookmark. Any teacher would love to receive this from one of her students.


Of course, good ol’ fashioned gift cards are one of the most useful gifts a teacher could receive! Consider giving her a gift card to her favorite restaurant (like Texas Roadhouse or Red Lobster) or to her favorite store (like JCPenney or Amazon)!



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  1. says

    I love all of those! I think my favorite has to be the initial made from crayons. My daughter is out of school but I have some neighbors who might be interested in some of these.

  2. says

    I love that most of these are from Etsy. My favorite has got to be the lighted mason jar but I know my son’s teacher would love the Disney. Although I think she has something with that quote on it already.

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