10 Must-See Pantries That’ll Have You Thinking “Why Didn’t I Think of That?”


Out of all of the areas in my house, the pantry is the part that I want to re-do the most. My pantry was built by my grandpa, and all it is is sheets on wood put together to look like shelves. It’s not very sturdy, and truthfully, I can only reach the bottom three shelves. Short girl problems. While searching through Pinterest, Houzz and other websites, I put a list of my dream pantries that I feel 99.9% of you guys would L-O-V-E to see and perhaps implement in your own home.


Source: Yorkshire And The Humber Kitchen Designers & Remodelers Holme Design

This pantry is perfect for the rustic and chic decor lovers. Not only does the colors give off that home-y vibe, but look at how well organized it is. Wicker baskets make the pantry look organized and well put-together. The shelves on the doors are superb places to store your bread, crackers, sugar and other essential pantry items while saving that much needed space.



Source: Kevin and Amanda

Holy moly organized pantry! If I were to ever come into some money (either via lottery or my blog hits it big -don’t laugh-) to where I could build my dream house, a walk-in pantry would be at the top of the list. I’m in love with the corner shelves that organize slow cookers and cake stands. Additionally, the shelf that is home to cookbooks is my favorite shelf in the house. I don’t read as often as I should (well, ADULT books. I read more than my fair share of children’s books), but I’m always down to open up a cookbook.



Source: Better Homes and Gardens

One of the reasons why I love this pantry is because it’s within arm’s reach. You don’t have to walk too far from your stove or countertops to grab something. The shelves slide out so you won’t knock the items up front over to get to those pesky can of beans you put in the back! Hehe 🙂



Source: Better Homes and Gardens

You know what this pantry reminds me of? It reminds me of those spinning jewelry stands at the mall. Instead of jewelry, this pantry spins around spices, cans and other pantry must-haves. From the way this pantry looks, I guess it does look like you could go shopping in it!



Source: Putney Design-Build Firms Kenzer Furniture

I would like to award this pantry the “most adorable” plaque. The white with black handles sets off the perfect contrast with the checkerboard floors.



Source: Decorated Life

The chalkboard wall in this pantry is such a neat idea. Writing down your shopping list on a piece of paper is a thing of the past. In today’s time, you can write on your wall with a stick of chalk! I can imagine Bella loving this pantry just so she could draw on the walls and get away with it!



Source: Lacquer and Lace

What better way to organize your canned food than this rotating canned food system. Your inventory is right in front of you, so when you’re running low on canned green beans, you’ll know right away! Then you can write it down on your chalkboard wall 😛



Source: Shanty 2 Chic

This is also a great way to organize your canned foods and a great way to organize your snack food (I see those Oreos!!). The chalkboard labels make it easy to see and know what you’re grabbing.



Source: Sand And Sisal

If you’re running low on space in your apartment or small home, this is a clever way to maximize that space. If you’re lucky enough to have a small pantry closet, you could customize it to the size of that! I love seeing ways to organize small spaces, since I’m moving from my big home in Tennessee to an apartment in Queens, NY. The apartment isn’t small, but it’s definitely a lot smaller than what I’m used to.



Source: Heather Scott Home

The more I see photos of walk-in pantries, the more it confirms that I need one. I love food, and I love to cook. I would need a ladder for this pantry though. 😛


I hope you enjoyed this list of clever pantry ideas! If you did, feel free to share on Facebook or pin on Pinterest! 


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