Creamy Chicken Noodle Skillet

This post may contain Amazon affiliate links. Mmm! Chicken noodle! I'm sure when you read those words, you were brought back to a childhood memory. When I think of chicken noodle, I think of my grandpa making me a small bowl every day after school. It was my all time favorite thing to eat - bar none. Chicken noodle was also a meal that I ate when I was feeling under the ... Read More

Sesame Street – Elmo’s World: Elmo Explores | Now On DVD!

Juliana is OB-SESSED with Elmo and the gang. So much so, that her first birthday party was Sesame Street themed! She loves all of the characters, the catchy tunes and bright, vivid colors. As her mom, I love that Sesame Street teaches her an abundant amount of things - letters, numbers, how to include someone, and how to treat others. This is why I was happy to receive Elmo's ... Read More

My Child Did Exist… | What Not to Say to Someone Who Had an Early Miscarriage

I'll never forget my midwife sorrowfully revealing the bad news that I was already aware of. "You miscarried. Baby didn't grow." She said a bunch of other things trying to comfort me and give me a safe place to unleash my emotions, but honestly, my memory of that day is foggy at best. Heck, I might have even misquoted her above... All I remember was losing my baby. My ... Read More

Juliana’s 1 Year Update!

I no longer have a baby. I HAVE A TODDLER. What?! I mean, she's still MY baby, and I'm sure people will still refer to her as a baby, but the fact that she's not "technically" a baby is a bit heartbreaking. Don't get me wrong. I love watching her grow and learn new things. But I miss those beady eyes and that feathery hair. I miss having to hold her head to ... Read More

C is for Cookie Monster Cupcakes

C is for Cookie...Monster! While planning for Juliana's Sesame Street first birthday party, I knew that I wanted to Cookie Monster to be incorporated in a big way. Elmo may have been the star of the show, but Cookie Monster isn't too far behind! What better way to showcase the big, blue monster than by making these adorably yummy Cookie Monster cupcakes? Now, don't come at ... Read More

DIY Elmo Party Cups! – Easy + Affordable Dollar Store Project

I'm having so much fun crafting cute little DIY projects for my youngest daughter's first birthday party. It started out as a necessity since I couldn't afford pre-made decorations, but now that I'm in the midst of it, I'm glad I chose to make my own decorations! As mentioned in my previous DIY Elmo Birthday Party post, I'll be sharing a tutorial for everything that I'm ... Read More

DIY Elmo Party Plates – Easy, Affordable Dollar Store Party Idea!

This year has been a hard one for me. After one financial blow to another, I found myself grasping at straws as to what to do for Juliana's first birthday party. I knew it wasn't an option NOT to have a party. I started searching online and brainstorming my own ideas to come up with the best DIY Elmo birthday party ideas. The first DIY Elmo birthday party project I'm going to ... Read More

Four Ways to Make a Child’s Birthday Special When You Can’t Be There

Four Ways to Make a Child’s Birthday Special When You Can’t Be There A birthday is the perfect time to celebrate your child! That often means throwing a party, showering them with presents, and getting them a cake. Unfortunately, that’s all stuff that’s nearly impossible to do when you can’t be with your child on their special day. Whether your job takes you far away ... Read More